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Newcrest Mining Limited is an Australian-based corporation which engages in the exploration, development, mining and sale of gold and gold-copper concentrate. It is Australia's leading gold mining company and its operations have expanded beyond Australia, for example Indonesia, thus becoming a prominent international mining corporation. Newmont Mining Corporation initially started the company as a subsidiary in 1966. The subsidiary became Newmont Holdings Pty Ltd. in 1980 and in 1990 acquired 100% of Australmin Holdings Ltd. taking the current name.

A former metallurgist mentioned, "When I worked at Newcrest from 2002 until 2010, the company was at the forefront of innovation. Now the company has degenerated to hopeless place due to poor management practices. Employees that questioned policy and status quo were terminated or left. I do not recommend working here."


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Principal Process Safety Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Newcrest management carry very little respect for Process Safety and treat Safety Engineers poorly. Critical Safety equipment poorly maintained or bypassed and no real culture of Process Safety ...workforce keen to embrace ...but not management ....disappointed with their lack of knowledge and appreciation of major hazards ......the process plant is a dangerous mess ........Free foodNot a lot"

Mine Production Dispatch Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Exciting and Fun working Environment. Friendly working mates and shares thier skills.Everything being standardised.Good Faciulities21/14 rooster, Excellent."

Principal Process Safety Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Requested to bring a Process Safety Culture to the PNG Lihir mine site. Found that the lower level of manning were interested because they understood the major hazard risks. Management, sadly, were not at all interested and found it be another imposed task ..."

Mill Technician / Cleaner - Cadia Valley Operation (Current Employee) says

"There is a strong culture in safety. Its a welcoming thought that with all the policies and procedures in place it help guides me through may day to day activities. Brings me home safe to my family each out doorsWinter"

Data Entry Clerk (Casual) says

"I was veru enthusiasm to work there. The management was great including a good workplace culture. For example, each time a employee must go from the society, we celebrate him"

Graduate Instrumentation (Former Employee) says

"Great company friendly from expats and locals,beers at bar ,pool and ping pong games at afternoon. Great company of different cultures ,the hardest part is the job is the FIFO lifestyle and coping with society since you're in a mining lifestyle.Great place to build your skill,safety is highly paramount which the company embraces,enjoyable is the different experts you got to learn and enhance skill."

SENIOR ENGINEER (Former Employee) says

"Remote location makes project work very difficult with limited local skills and resources available. Dysfunctional site with inconsistent senior management, making the job harder than needed to be, wanting to micro manage but not knowing how to.Good salary, great FIFO rosterpoor work culture"

Plant/Production Control Room Operator (Current Employee) says

"Working here is more flexible, relaxed and ok but the most of the benefits and the pay offered is lower compared to other mining companies in the New Guinea. The management are not really concerned about the its employee benefits, thus most of the employees are leavingRations are ordered under Coordinators descretionWork Overtime in shutdown/break down"

metallurgist (Former Employee) says

"When I worked at Newcrest from 2002 until 2010,the company was at the forefront of innovation. Now the company has degenerated to hopeless due to poor management practices. Employees that questioned policy and status quo were terminated or left.Great boss, high performancelong hours"

junior geologist (Former Employee) says

"une bonne ambiance entre les employés et les patrons une bonne politique basée sur la santé et la sécurité au travail,les projets de formation des travailleurs .santé et sécurité au travail et l' assurance des travailleurs et les familles des travailleurstrop de travailleurs renvoyés abusivement"

Truck Driver/Labourer (Current Employee) says

"The mines are always on the go with new things happening all the time but can get a bit monotonous if you do the same thing day in and day out. Not much chance of moving higher up if you are on a casual work.You get some great people to work withLong hours, night shift"

Lead planner (Current Employee) says

"Pas de social chez newcrest minning Pas de profile de carrière"

Underground Geological Technician / Trainer (Current Employee) says

"To provide technical support and training to the Underground Technical Support team by completing allocated tasks associated with the following disciplines: • Geology • Geotechnical • Ventilation • Drill & Blast • SurveySome interesting tasking .Unrealistic tasking covering 4 different Departments."

Fitter Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"the roster is good people good to work with mostly, Management look after them self will throw you under the bus if they have to, not all manages will there are some great manages there.the rostermanagement"

Emergency Response Team Member (Current Employee) says

"It is amazing how the days come and go in the diverse environtment we work in, every day out at field we meet co-worker from all around the globe. We learn to work together under the core values of Newcrest. we share ideas and different views. The departmental management somehow wants as to sweat more when we earn less . Overall the we have a strong safety culture in the work place. The hardest part of our job as an ERT member is when when we attendent to an emergency call-out and everyone has to evacuate. The most enjoyable part of the Job is we are to care for each other and at the end of the day everyone goes home safe..Free LunchesShort Break, Healthcare"


"Very good safety and work culture. Enjoyed the challenges at work place. Though I think there should be improvements in salary range and benefits for nationals and local work force.,"

Planner Scheduler (Current Employee) says

"The weather here is nice, people are friendly, everyone seem to have a fair say on what it is like working in Lihir. While it may take some time for a first timer to find your way around to processes and protocols, that is the whole reason it is fun working at Lihir!Shorter rotation (16/12)"

Technical Writer (Current Employee) says

"Lacking job security - distracting for a long term commitmentLacking job security - distracting for a long term commitment"

Dispatch Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"day to day challenges occur regularyteam enviroment is goodmanagement need to focus on the peoplepeople, locationmoney"

Mine Production & Ore Control Geologist (Former Employee) says

"Newcrest's Word class open pit operations in itself provides a very challenging but a great career building work environment. With its gethermal hot ground conditions as well as ongoing mine expansion, you're not only exposed to the demand of meeting production target but a high level ol safety systems in place as well.Great career development system in placeRemuneration and benefits not agreeable."


"People don’t commit for the fear of losing their jobs, brought about by the executives and CEO."

Former Employee - Corporate says

"Boys club; too many initiatives' no systems that work, too busy focusing on new toys such as digital without fixing the chaos below, culture of blame, wants the 'silver' bullet to fix things not do the slog and the fundamentals. Lots of fluent bull-shit speaking non-deliverers who get rewarded."

Former Employee - Electrician says

"Unfair salaries for local hires"

Former Employee - Level IV says

"It's a boys club with bullying by Supervisors accepted"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"plenty.. treatment of its employees is disgraceful. no longer miner of choice"

Current Employee - Supply Chain Management says

"- Misalignment of Salary - Edge implementation plan not fully understand - No Measures cascading - No OMP (Operational Master Plan) - No standardized basics problem solving - No sustainability plan"


"Horrible culture that is simply a boys club. If you aren't in with them then you may as well give up. Terrible HR leadership that is caught in the 80s. If you're not working long hours then you must not be doing your job. Incompetence in development, mentoring or anything to do with personal development. Culture of bullying and harassment."

Former Employee - Mechanical Supervisor says

"One of the most poorly run and managed companies that I have ever worked for. They created an environment of possibly being sacked at anytime (and many were), yet it was management that were the poor performers. Also they set up a bonus system so it benefited management, yet the workers and supervisors would get very little."

Former Employee - Operations says

"- Easy access to capital - Operating in silo's - Inexperienced lower level management disregarding the importance of getting the basics of mining right. Results in finger pointing at other work groups when things fall in a heap on a daily basis. - Poor talent retention - Industry and society rejects are collecting here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Internal politics and no real interest in the well being of employees"